Penn Central Stockton Branch

Chapter 6.11: Stockton Station

The history of Stockton Station is, in a word, a fluke. Originally the spot was to be
occupied by Central Point Fuel Oil, which had been planned for that location since
the layoutís inception back in 2014. The events leading up to the change took place
on the morning of 10 April 2017, and the whole process lasted about two minutes.
It started with a row of tenements that were to occupy the front right corner of
the layout. I decided I didnít want to build them. How, then, to utilize the space?

First, I chose to simply make it a wooded hillside, mostly because I wanted to have
a little more green on the layout. When the image of a station Iíd photographed
decades ago (Belle Mead, NJ) inexplicably popped into my mind, I pondered the
possibility of putting an abandoned passenger station there. I didnít like the idea
of a passenger station on an acute curve, but I still liked the idea of including a
station on the layout. Thus began a cascade of radical changes.

I located the passenger station where the fuel oil dealer was. Then I removed the
freight station from the lower right siding, and put the fuel oil dealer there. Finally,
I moved Spanoís Service Station to the street corner next to the fuel oil dealer.
Incidentally, this allowed me to feature a wooded hillside for the front right corner
after all, which was the starting point of the whole affair.

My goal is to make this one of the most boringest little stations possible. To that
end, I'll be employing the DPM parts originally slated for the former tenements.
Also, because the siding needs justification, Iíll include the bare foundation for a
former little freight depot, which reflects the reality in which I live today.

All of these changes will help create some new visual settings that feel much more
familiar to me. Furthermore, the changes have helped rejuvenate a project that
was fast approaching stagnation; I was close to placing the layout in storage.

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