Evolution of a Plan

Because it started out as a "tribute" layout, the initial draft was as faithful to the source as it could possibly be using Kato Unitrack.

Gregg Mahlkov's Apalachicola Northern; Gregg Mahlkov photo.

Tribute version. Click to see track parts.

However, I felt the track plan could use a runaround, among other tweaks. After tinkering with several variations, I finally arrived at something I felt like building.

The original adaptation version.

Fast-forward two and a half years, and now I am—quite unexpectedly—adapting my own adaptation. After about a week of pushing streets and buildings around, I declared draft RC9e the "final final," although there were more changes yet to come.

As-built. Click to see track parts.

A possibly interesting sidebar, as if anyone really cares: both plans utilize nothing but stock Unitrack parts—no custom or modified pieces were employed. Furthermore, there are no "cheater" (expanding) track sections, and there's a bare minimum of little filler pieces. I did this as a fun challenge.

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