8. ...and Here We Go Again

5 July 2019: I last touched this layout 6 August 2018. And, once again, as has happened every time the layout sat idle for any stretch of time, I looked at it with fresh eyes and said... time for another reboot. Well, this one wasn't quite as extreme as prior reboots, but it was significant enough to warrant a new chapter.

When I brought it out of storage, I immediately started messing with the arrangement of structures. Gone is Haber Manufacturing, replaced by the Stockton Freight Depot (1), albeit in a modified form to fit the narrower space. Stephen A. Greene Furniture disappeared, although its name got transferred to Rearden Metal Works (2) combined with the Tomb of the Unknown; it also re-acquired the transfer crane, thanks to the decommissioning of the Jersey City Industrial Railroad. Vaughan Road went away, along with the bridge over the mainline at the lower left corner, as seen in the layout's prior incarnation. Spano's Service Station (7) was replaced by a water tower and relocated to the freight depot plot, joined by the resurrected Weller Fuel Oil (8), which is where they were in Version 2. The rest more or less remained the same.

1. Stockton Freight Depot
2. Stephen A. Greene Metal Fabrication
3. Water Tower
4. Coal Trestle
5. Stockton Station
6. Stock Tower — finished
7. Spano's Service Station — finished
8. Weller Fuel Oil
9. Corner Buildings — finished
10. Tenements

While I made many of these changes in order to scale back the work required to finish the layout, I also wanted to make the layout viewable from any angle—that is, do away with the "front." This meant eliminating all of the building flats across the back. Of course, it's all still very fluid, and anything can happen between now and the next update.

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