Originally I was going to use these tenements swiped from the Jersey City Industrial and Hoboken Manufacturers in order to accelerate layout construction.

Ultimately, however, I didn't use them; the more I thought about it, the less inclined I was to sacrifice them. Instead, I cloned them, which still provided a significant time savings, because the bulk of the time spent on them was in their design: it often takes many hours, or sometimes even days, to work out how to build them, whereas it takes a fraction of that time to do the actual construction. Making new ones also permitted me to resize them to better suit the spaces; compare the ones below with the originals in the images above.

That said, these are anything but simple bashes: DPM kits do not have mitered corners, so almost every cut I make is on a 45 degree angle to produce seamless outside corners. And there are a heck of a lot of those corners in buildings like this. I'm fortunate I'm still able to do this sort of work fairly well, although nowhere near as good as I used to, and probably not for much longer. But choosing to model structures in an advanced state of decay allows me to hide a multitude of sins.



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