Dave's Auto Repair


The starting point was Cornerstone's Al's Victory Service kit. I got about this far when I decided to totally trash it.

Here's a progress shot from 18 July 2018. The collapsed roof is posed over an abandoned car in the bay, visible through the decaying remains of the roll-up doors. I'm working on the "sign," such as it is, although I'm not all that happy with it; I have a feeling I'll be starting over with painting and weathering. The details are all derived from the reference images below.


There's more than enough reference material available for abandoned service stations. I wish the first one was in color; I love the hand-rendered sign—it inspired the name (no, it wasn't named eponymously).

This one provided guidance for the roll-up doors.

This image helps with the graffiti, and also convinced me to leave the large corner windows open and graf the office interior.

Sadly I won't have room in the scene for gas pumps.

I wasn't sure how far to take things with respect to the building's structural condition until I came across this photo; the collapsed roof totally sold me.

Since the interior of the repair bay will be visible from above, I needed to know what a  collapsed roof looks like from the inside. Image search to the rescue.


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