3. Resurrection and Reboot

Construction had begun 26 October 2014; I'd gotten as far as building the base and laying the track when I was (suddenly and unexpectedly) forced to stop work. As per usual, the base was two layers of half-inch Gatorfoam laminated together, with more Gatorfoam for subroadbed. The track was laid by simply holding it in place and running a bead of super glue along each edge of the roadbed.

Fresh out of storage, January 2017.

I'd chosen Kato Unitrack because this was going to be a "how to" layout for an online construction series. It was never envisioned as being a stop-gap or substitute for a permanent one of my own. So, I had to make do.

Unitrack on the Trenton Transportation Company.

Although Untrack is, to be frank, rather unsightly, I've had some good success in the past minimizing its bulky appearance by painting it, re-ballasting it, and applying a healthy dose of weeds and clutter. I also built up the terrain along the sides of the roadbed with 3/16-inch foamcore, which brought buildings and streets up closer to track level in the urban and industrial areas. Track choice notwithstanding, I had the foundation for a layout that offered opportunities to model at least some of the things I've wanted to for a long time.

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