2. Evolution of a Plan

Because it started out as a "tribute" layout, the initial draft was as faithful to the source as it could possibly be using Kato Unitrack, which was surprisingly close especially considering that the plan utilizes nothing but stock track parts—no custom or modified pieces were employed; there aren't any "cheater" (expanding) track sections either, or even small filler pieces.

Gregg Mahlkov's Apalachicola Northern; Gregg Mahlkov photo.

Tribute version. Click to see track parts.

However, I felt the track plan could use a runaround, among other tweaks. After tinkering with several variations, I finally arrived at something I felt like building.

The original adaptation version.

Fast-forward two and a half years, and now I am—quite unexpectedly—adapting my own adaptation. After about a week of pushing streets and buildings around, I declared draft RC9e the "final final," although there were many changes yet to come.

As-built. Click to see track parts.

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