Greene Granite and Monument Company




16 x 22 inches


Private quarry railroad




50s to 60s


Tomix Fine Track

Minimum radius: 

4 inches

Maximum grade: 



Foam insulation board

Power and Control: 

Analog DC, battery-powered


In storage (base completed and track laid)

When the Elizabeth and Port Reading came to an unexpected halt, I wound up with a small
pile of leftover track and a few pieces of foam insulation board; inexplicably they inspired
me to see what I could make of them. I used almost every last bit of track for a simple
loop with a switchback siding, which I sat staring at for a long stretch of time.

When the hazy recollection of an image I’d seen while researching the White River and
Northern VIII
flashed through my mind, I immediately knew what to do with the loop of
track and the foam. (It also made me rethink the WR&N VIII: not wanting to build two
rock quarry layouts, I restored it to a logging railroad.) In one afternoon the Greene
Granite layout was assembled. Then, just as quickly, all of my enthusiasm evaporated.

The layout is now in storage along with the WR&N VIII, the Elizabeth and Port Reading,
and the Perth Amboy Industrial District. I may resurrect it at some random point in the
future; or, I may not. There’s no knowing its fate given there’s no knowing mine.


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