Elizabeth and Port Reading




16 x 35 inches


Urban industrial


Northeast New Jersey


Not established


Tomix Fine Track

Minimum radius: 

6.2 inches

Maximum grade: 



Foam insulation board

Power and Control: 

Analog DC, battery-powered


In storage (base completed and track laid)

True story: I awoke one morning in the midst of a startlingly vivid dream in which I was
building a layout. It was a figure-eight designed in a way to disguise its simplicity as much
as possible. As soon as the fog cleared from my mind, I fired up my laptop and started
madly sketching so as to retain as much of the quickly-fading memory as I could.

Strangely enough, the results seemed feasible, so I raided my storage container for
whatever I could use to build the layout. My initial sketch utilized Atlas Code 55 track, but
I didnít have enough turnouts. Then I discovered a cache of Tomix Fine Track, and bingo:
the Elizabeth and Port Reading came to life. Granted, the final track plan was strongly
influenced by the track I had on hand, but itís conceptually close to its ephemeral source.

In short order I had the base built and the track laid. Iíd started looking for building kits to
bash when I fell into a funk, as Iím prone to do these days, and work ground to a sudden
halt. I may return to it one day, but Iíve no idea when or if that might happen. In the
meantime, it joins three others in storage:


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