Favorites That Missed the Cut

The layout would need to be bigger, or I'd need to build another one with a different theme, to include my other first-gen faves. Since I have all of these kits, I may someday get to use them. Someday...

Pola B211. This little single-stall enginehouse also appeared on my first Nerf, together with the freight depot and water tower.

Pola B250. Another fave from the first Nerf is the old coal mine; this kit was recycled by everyone and their brother.

Faller 2253. I'd built this kit, imported by Aurora for their Postage Stamp Trains line, but never used it on a permanent layout. Someday, perhaps... someday...

Aurora 4155. While the farmhouse was available as Faller 2259, their barn was only ever released by Aurora, AHM and Model Power, as far as I know, and the all-in-one kit was exclusively Aurora. These appeared on a very-short-lived extension for the first Nerf; I also kitbashed the barn for the White River & Northern IV.

Heljan 611. Here's the only urban building—as well as the only Heljan kit—from the first-gen era that I really liked. It appeared on my White River & Northern IV as JB's Corner Bar (named for a college buddy's dad, who was a bartender).

Faller 2226. I've stared longingly at this kit since forever, but never bought one until relatively recently. At long last, one will appear on the Postage Stamp Central—if and when I finish that layout, anyway.


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