Pola Factory (B242) & Faller Water Tower (2150)

This is a ubiquitous, generic kit that you're likely to see on hundreds of N Scale layouts to this day. I've only used it for kitbashing; as is the case with so many other kits, building this as-is will be a first.

Accompanying the factory will be a water tower. This Faller kit is supposed to be a railroad water tower, but it could easily pass as an industrial or municipal tower as well. The water spout will get transplanted to the locomotive servicing facility to accompany the Arnold water tower. Meanwhile, the little shack that looks like a porta-potty, presumably a pump house, will become a relay shed somewhere in the yard area.

Incidentally, the factory will be named "Pola," using some of the kit-supplied signage, in honor of the sadly now-defunct company (their tooling was bought by Faller).

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