Kibri Switch Tower (7424)

Originally I was going to use the switch tower that came in a three-building kit called Ramsey Junction, made by Faller and first released under the Aurora Postage Stamp Trains brand. But it would be the one and only verifiable American-style structure on the layout, and while I'm not modeling a European setting, I felt that consistency in visual style would be more satisfying. I was also considering the tower included with Faller's Suburban Station, but it's a bit too "mainline-ish." Kibri 7424 was also a possibility (below left), but it's just way too European and slightly large for the space. For the longest time I'd settled on Arnold 2806, even though it frankly looked odd to me. Then I stumbled upon a curiosity: it seems Kibri had two different switch tower kits both numbered 7424.

The older one (above right) was just what I was looking for—small and not too European. And, as a bonus, it includes a phone/relay/storage shed.

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