Pola Freight Crane (B249)

This portside crane shared space on the same temporary layout as the Arnold water tower and scale house I built as a teen. It also sorta kinda co-justifies the rolling lift bridge, not that the layout needs to make that much sense. The first thing I did was try to arrange the crane platform and the rails on which it rode (flex track cut into strips) such that it might detract—at least maybe a little—from the massive uncoupler solenoid. Not sure how successful I've been, but it at least it all fits together pretty well:

I've also repurposed the crane to a degree: in stead of loading and unloading freight, it'll move coal from barges into gondolas. This creates something of a "paired industry" arrangement, as the coal will be moved to the two industries on the railroad, both of which have steam generating plants. I've yet to devise how I'm modeling the bucket...

As far as the kit build was concerned, I found myself facing a flood of 50-year-old memories about just how poorly some of the parts fit, and the need to do a fair bit of trimming and sanding to make things work. Also, this time around I faced the fact that some styrene gets quite brittle over time, and the crane boom parts practically disintegrated as I assembled them. Worse, MEK made the parts even more brittle and unwilling to bond, and I wound up slathering the whole boom in cyanoacrylate to keep it together. A good heavy coat of paint and a very liberal application of rust and weathering were needed to make it halfway presentable. Except for the bucket and track, the crane was done on 20 April 2019.

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