Pola Stone Enginehouse (B210)

A "DKS Top Ten" Retro Kit

I still keep bunches of this venerable old kit on hand for kitbashing projects—for example, see how I used it with the Pola machine factory for the White River & Northern IV, and as an abandoned building on the Penn Central Stockton Branch. An opportunity to feature it in its original form for the fist time is quite exciting; I've often wondered if I'd ever be able to use it that way. The Atlas branded kit features an image of the prototype, revealing that Pola was quite faithful to the real deal.

As for American equivalents (not that this is in any way crucial to the project), there's the stone enginehouse in Elephant Rocks State Park, near Graniteville, Missouri. Built in 1890, it serviced trains for the Sheahan Quarries Railroad, later incorporated as the Middlebrook and Graniteville Railway. While stylistically different, it has a similar feel. (And oh, would I just love to model it as abandoned!)

Photographer: Kbh3rd

I used this kit as a kind of guinea pig to test a stone coloration idea I had. Hit random stones with a magic marker before painting—the marker ink bleeds through the paint, staining it a darker color. And in fact the trick worked quite well indeed; faster and much easier than brush-painting individual stones. And natural-looking, too, especially after a liberal application of black weathering wash. This must be applied before assembling the walls; otherwise, gravity will cause the wash to drain away.

My goal was basically to make this kit look the way I'd always wanted it to look, and now finally had the skills and the wherewithal to make that happen.

The kit was finished on 21 April 2019. As the layout progresses, the area will get more detailed and filled with weeds.

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