Fort Hanover: A Commissioned Postage Stamp Layout

Building for Someone Else

So, a Postage Stamp Trains collector with whom I've become friends asked me if I could whip up something for him on which to exercise some of his PST collection. Well, sure! Mini- and micro-layouts are my specialty, as now are retro layouts. The plan I developed for him features many of the American style kits Aurora offered back in the day, which as it happens is something I'd wanted to build for myself for quite a long time. Consequently, I've invested quite a bit of extra enthusiasm in the project, and the buyer got much more value for the dollar than he might have otherwise expected.

Layout Summary


Eastern Pennsylvania farmland




24 by 48 inches


Minitrix sectional


Aurora power pack


Lauan plywood on 1x2 frame


sanded grout over plywood


100% complete/sold


  1. Base and Track
  2. Station Set
  3. Farm House Set
  4. Colonial Home
  5. New England Church
  6. Cape Cod House
  7. Stone Bridges
  8. Scenery and Detailing
  9. Gallery

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