What is "Craft Cutter"?

A craft cutter is basically a small plotter (technical drawing tool) with a very small, sharp blade fitted where there would normally be a plotting pen. Larger versions of these cutters have been used by the sign-making industry for many years: patterns drawn on a computer are cut from self-adhesive vinyl to produce sign graphics. Craft cutters are much smaller, and are popular for hobbies such as scrapbooking. The most popular craft cutter is the Silhouette SD, which costs less than $200.

More recently, craft cutters have been "discovered" by model railroaders for use in model-making. The cutter is used to scribe thin sheet styrene to score-and-snap shapes, as well as to create surface textures such as cinderblock, brick and clapboard siding. Cutting is restricted to less than 0.3mm in depth; beyond this, it's only possible to score the surface. The machine can only accommodate materials up to about .020-inch thick.


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