What is "Resin Casting"?

Resin casting is a tried-and-true process of replicating small parts. It starts with a master, which can be made of almost anything, but it shouldn't be too complex, so that undercuts are avoided. A silicone mold is made from the master; this can be one-part, for very simple objects, or two-part for complex shapes. Two-part casting resins are mixed and poured into the mold and allowed to cure. A the end of the process, you've got a very nearly perfect replica of the master (the reproduction process is so fine that a fingerprint on the master can show up on the castings!).

Anything from small crates and barrels to highly-detailed bridge kits and rolling stock can be made using resin casting technology. Although it does take a degree of acquired skill to produce the best results, it's still something that most anyone can accomplish. It doesn't require expensive tools or supplies, although high-end, high-volume production work may involve pressure or vacuum canisters to reduce the incidence of air bubbles in the castings.

For more insight into the resin casting process, simply do a quick Google search on the topic; there's quite a large body of information to be found online.


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