Model-Building Materials and Supplies

Styrene and Plastics

Wood, Brass and Structural Shapes

  • 4D modelshop brass, styrene and wood shapes, plus an endless sea of other modeling supplies
  • Notheastern Scale Lumber venerable source of stripwood and other wood materials
  • Ngineering unique lighting accessories and detail items such as ultra-fine steel and phosphor-bronze wire
  • Thunderbird Supply Company sheet metal (such as nickel-silver) and wire for scratchbuilding

Digital/Image Resources

  • CG Textures digital images of many different textures
  • ProMark Signs 1:1 signs; the value is in the images on their website, which you can capture and print to make your own signs
  • Scalescenes sells digital files that you download and print to make cardstock structures and texture sheets

Detailing/Weathering, Paints & Supplies

Foam Board

Specialty Materials


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