LEDs, Electronics Components and Circuits

Just LEDs

  • Kingbright USA an LED manufacturer that also sells directly; particularly good assortment of SMD LEDs; highly recommended
  • LEDTronics wide array of LEDs of all types, but since the focus is industrial lighting, they also have things like 1:1 streetlights and stoplights
  • Oznium Unique LED strips and lighting kits
  • SunLED LEDs of all kinds
  • TheLEDlight a range of LED products geared mostly for home lighting, but they also have some interesting products such as LED ribbons

LEDs, Effects Electronic Circuits & Kits

  • Bakatronics special effects lighting circuits plus many electronics hobby kits
  • Cir-Kit Concepts ultra-small micro-bulbs and simple circuit kits
  • LED-Switch great, no-nonsense assortment of LEDs and switches
  • Miniatronics pricey lighting effects and electronics
  • Ngineering good assortment of SMD LEDs, but in particular they have an outstanding array of their own custom-manufactured electronic circuits for creating special lighting effects; highly recommended
  • Ram Traxx digital sound, lighting electronics

Electronic Components

  • All Electronics an electronics surplus house with an extensive and variable catalog of merchandise
  • Digi-Key a huge distributor of electronics merchandise to the industry, so their product range is mind-boggling; you basically need to know what you want before you order, because their catalog is not something you can browse; highly recommended
  • The Electronics Goldmine surplus electronics and widget retailer, thus their stock of LEDs and such will change over time, but you can find some great deals there
  • Fry's large networked distributor of PCs, appliances, and electronics
  • Mouser a huge distributor of electronics merchandise to the industry; see the notes for Digi-Key
  • MPJA broad range of electronics merchandise at reasonable prices

Other Unusual Stuff


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