8.8 Turbine Vents √

Here's another effect I'm recycling, originally featured in a small Quonset hut on the White River & Northern IV. It's a simple effect: I use Dremel ball grinders mounted to gears driven by a low-RPM motor. That's it.

The new mechanism had four vents, which meant a lot of gears. The gearing makes some vents spin a little faster than others. I'd also planned on making an electronic control to vary the motor speed randomly.

Originally this was built for the Schmuck Printing building (below), but when that industry went away with a recent structure shuffle, I was left with a great effect and no home for it. Then a few days later, when I started to work on revisions to the grade crossing gates mechanism, I noticed something curious: the mechanism was very nearly a perfect fit for the brewery building. The problem: I've never seen a brewery with roof vents like that. Would it stay a brewery, then? Or become something else for which the animation was more appropriate? I like how the brewery fits into the layout's manufactured history, so this was a potentially problematic change.

Nevertheless, I installed the mechanism in the brewery building on 27 May 2020.

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