8.4 Restaurant Ceiling Fans √

When I'd originally built this mechanism, it was intended for Cody's Hardware Store. But later I decided to move them to Phil's Bayou Another, as being more appropriate; also, they were way too big—scale twelve foot fans are more suited for HO! The mechanism was quite nice; it was a shame I couldn't use it for the bar-restaurant (although I might recycle it for the cyclone vents planned for Schmuck Printing).

The ceiling fans for Phil's started with a whole new mechanism, using smaller gears so the fans would be a more realistic size—in this case, around six feet. The fans themselves are simply bits of brass flat wire soldered to brass tubing.

To give the static bar scene some life, I positioned spotlights (0201 LEDs in bits of brass tubing) above one of the fans so it would cast moving shadows across the musicians; these are visible roughly dead center in the image above. I also added spotlights over the bar to illuminate it and the patrons there. Plus, the tables all have "candles" on them, which are 0201 LEDs run at a lower voltage to keep them dim.

It's amazing how realistic a scene can appear when the lighting is executed just the way it is in real life—those spotlights really do create spot illumination.

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