6. More Real Estate for Augustine

Although initially I strongly rejected suggestions to expand the layout, I confess I did relent and conjure a extension: I added four inches along the front so I could do a token bit of urban modeling. The big pain in doing this, however, was having to extend all of the turnout controls, but that's the price to pay.

The extension was completed on 31 March 2020. First I built the lower half, and added all of the turnout control extensions; plus, I added a control for a new turnout added to the plan, lower right.

Then the top level went on, and had to sit under weights until it was fully set.

It's all done, and I've begun putting it to use, starting with the gas station installation. (The arrows and circles identify places where I can pass wires from the extension into the main layout.)


I imagined Augustine might look something like Wolfeboro, "The Oldest Summer Resort in America":

Located in the heart of the White Mountains, Gorham is more in keeping with the zeitgeist of my layout. Note the diagonal parking, which is (was) so New Hampshire.

Today it barely resembles its former self (note the diagonal parking went away).

Appropriately a rail line passes through Gorham. It was the Grand Trunk, not the Boston & Maine, but the BM did cross the GT at the north end of town on an enormous steel trestle (now a hiking trail).

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