5. Rolling Stock

Locomotive: Shay or SW1

I've not decided between these two locos, for each has advantages and disadvantages. The Shay is more fitting for such a line, but it won't run on Rail Craft Code 40 flex without having its flanges turned down. The Arnold SW1 may be a little modern, but it still fits the logic of the layout (the Boston & Maine had them), and it also runs on Code 40 flex as-is. The SW1 would obviate the need for the water tower, which I might rework as disused.

Freight: Tank Cars

These are Fine N Scale 38' truss-rod flatcar kits #FNR-2103 (below left) with #FNR-2104 oil tanks (below right).

Freight: Box Cars & Reefers

These are Fine N Scale 38' truss-rod boxcar kits #FNR-2101 (below left) and truss-rod boxcar kits #FNR-2102 (below right).

Passenger: Coach & Combine

These are Roundhouse Overton kits.

Non-Revenue: Bobber Caboose

This little guy is actually a holdover from the White River & Northern IV.

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