3. Building Stuff

Latest Revisions

I'm always looking at the layout critically, and often I'll see better ways of arranging things. I'm also painfully aware that, in order to make improvements, occasionally I'll need to give up favorite things. And so, on 22 May 2020 I shuffled a number of structures around—giving up two favorites in the process; they're highlighted in green below.

First, I removed the printing company from the lower right corner because the three-story building wedged into the slice of land was a major view block, and I also didn't care for having two of the building's four walls chopped off by the layout edges. I was going to relocate it to where the excelsior plant ruins were (behind the brewery, 14), but it just didn't work, and I removed the ruins (favorite #1) as well to gain a bit more "negative space."

In the printing company's place I put the coal silo from Haber's Lumber, Coal & Oil (17), which happened to tuck in there nicely. It meant dropping the lumber (favorite #2) and oil parts of the business, but at least the office and weigh-bridge still fit. Then I resurrected Schmuck Heating Oil (27), thus reverting back to one of the first versions of the layout (18, right).

In the coal silo's place I put a freight station I'd scratchbuilt some time ago (15), and removed during the track plan revision. Finally, I swapped Josh's house (18) and the Davis Inn (28), and also restored Ed's luncheonette (19) as a building instead of a trailer. Oh, plus I shortened the siding on the left and added a little side street to reach the heating oil dealer. Quite likely there will be more revisions to come, but this should be it for the time being.

Structures and Features

Hover over the image below to see the building names, and click to jump to the build page.

  1 Bearcamp Spring
  2 Bearcamp Springs Station
  3 Bearcamp Springs Resort
  4 Tannahill Mill
  5 My Cabin
  6 Trestle
  7 Lineside Shed
  8 Sand
  9 Water
10 Yard Office
11 Fuel Oil
12 Enginehouse
13 Loading Ramp
14 Stephen A. Greene Brewery
15 Freight Station
16 Spano's Mobil Station

17 Haber Lumber & Coal
18 Josh's House
19 Ed's Dirty Dog
20 Cody's Hardware Store
21 Florist/Antique Shop
22 Augustine Station
23 Barber Shop/Jazz Bar
24 Foxx & Vollmer Attorneys
25 General T. Mann Monument
26 Crossing Shanty
27 Schmuck Heating Oil
28 Davis Inn
29 Stone Arch Bridges
30 The Cut
X = Crossing Flashers
O = Streetlights

√ = finished

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