3.8 Sand √

The sanding tower is yet another highly modified Republic Locomotive Works Nn3 kit. The original design was made for two-track service. It was also larger than appropriate, as well as far more detailed than necessary, given it wouldn't be located near the edge of the layout where the super-detailing could be appreciated. (The product image is of their HO Scale kit.) I cut down the drying shed, created a new sand bin from scratch, and moved the tower over beside the drying shed.

On 27 March 2020, with the addition of a hose and a ladder, the sanding tower was at last finished. However, the saga wasn't over...

After I swapped out the Fuel Oil tank for a smaller Showcase Miniatures kit, I thought about replacing the slightly chunky-looking RLW sand tower for something more compact and interesting. That's when I remembered the Railwire Modeling Challenge 2014: Tank Car Sanding Tower. It was just sitting in a box, unappreciated. So, on 14 June 2020, out of the box it came and onto the layout it went.

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