3.4 Tannahill Mill

I kept the grist mill from the Greystone for its charm factor. Originally I was going to use the Branchline Laser-Arts kit as-is, but based on many reference photos I'd gathered, it seemed as though it was a work of fantasy. Worse, the kit's water wheel was almost laughably unrealistic.

Subsequently I decided to abandon adapting this kit for my purposes (although my new scratchbuilt water wheel was worth saving). I was torn between a grist mill and a sawmill, and my research turned up these examples in New Hampshire:

The three above are grist mills of various sizes; my preference is somewhere between the first and second. Below are two sawmills, and while they're both too big for the layout, the dam at the second one (third image) landed very high on my list of wants.

At some point I'll make a decision and pull the trigger—stay tuned. Incidentally, Tannahill is the name of a very close friend, and not chosen because of the alliteration with "mill."

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