O Streetlights

On a whim one afternoon I decided to try an experiment: solder leads to an 0201 warm white SMD LED—specifically, solder one piece of brass rod to one terminal, and ultra-fine magnet wire to the other, to make an old incandescent streetlight. I actually chuckled as I hooked up the test power supply, wondering why I even tried. Then, if I hadn't seen the outcome with my own eyes (and had two witnesses), I wouldn't have believed I could do it. But there it was, glowing away. So I made a second just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, and it wasn't. I really only needed two, but now I want to make a bunch more! The shade, incidentally, is a Tichy HO Scale lampshade, which looks much better in this application than one of their N Scale lampshades...


I still haven't found what I have in my mind's eye, but these are fairly close.


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