3.3 Bearcamp Springs Resort

Opulent resorts were quite popular in the 1800s, and New Hampshire still has a number of them from which to draw inspiration, such as the enormous Mount Pleasant House (above), situated between the Maine Central and the Boston & Maine railroads. Further inspiration for the setting comes from the original image of the Bethania Resort (Osceola, Wisconsin) that started the whole mineral spring resort idea (below).

For my little old abandoned resort, I began with Branchline Laser-Art #895 Rocky Point Lighthouse, sans light.

The first thing I did was extend the building by splitting up the back wall and grafting the parts onto the ends of the front wall. (Since this will be a nearly-flat background structure, it didn't need a back.) I narrowed the end walls, and then spliced the roof to fit.

After painting the roof and window/door parts with a weathered pine green, I began the tedious process of installing them all on the main building, which I'd sprayed flat white and weathered with a fairly heavy India ink wash.

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