3.22 Augustine Station √

The reference photo above was exactly what I was after for Greystone, which was a holdover from the White River & Northern I in style. The structure began life as Laura Station from Branchline Laser-Arts, but as small as it was, it was still too big for the Greystone, so I started chopping it down. Unsatisfied with the proportions of my first hatchet-job, I used the leftover bits of Micro Scale Models' Whitney Glass Factory kit for new walls, which accommodated Grandt Line windows and doors. The only remaining bit of the original Laser Arts kit is the bay window!

When the layout grew, so too did the town, and I briefly considered switching to a slightly larger station, but ultimately I stuck with the original, and finished it—more than three years after starting it.

I still need to do a little detailing; for instance, almost every station reference image I've acquired so far shows one or two baggage carts sitting around...


East Andover (below) became my target reference for the New Hampshire version of the station. Note in particular the virtual lack of eaves—quite common in New England.

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