3.21 Florist/Antique Shop

This pair of shops utilizes Branchline Laser Arts #840 Dubois Store, which I was going to use as Flemington Cut Glass on the Black River & Western. I've bashed it to make it shallower to fit between the street and the B&M mainline by removing the portions shaded red, below.

The easiest part was cutting and pasting the exterior walls to compress the building a little (below). I also made a new base to replace the terribly warped kit parts.

I then fabricated a lighting unit for the shops (above) which is installed in the ceiling (below).

Laura's Florist

The interior of the florists will be fun to model (I think).

Lee Weldon Antiques

Oddly I couldn't find any period images of antique shop interiors, but this exterior shot offers a glimpse into what might be inside...

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