3.20 Hardware Store

I struggled to find a kit to serve as an appropriate starting point for the hardware store, then realized I was going at it from the wrong end: I needed to start with a reference. Robie's Country Store in Hooksett (on the National Register of Historic Places) is a bit unusual as far as New Hampshire structures go, but it got me thinking—and look what's beside it!

Model-wise I was only after something vaguely like it, as the real store is much too ornate for my taste. I started with the side walls from a NorthEastern Scale Models #STS30035 One Story Section House and the front porch from American Model Builders #645 Nine Mile House, with columns swiped from a Miller Engineering #G-100 Gazebo.

In one afternoon I'd scratchbuilt the front and back of the building, and assembled them with the side walls and extension onto a foundation. The wires in the image below are for porch lights.

It's on its third move, and now it will have fluorescent "shop" lights as well as a pair of window fans.

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