3.17 Haber Coal

This started out as means to include a Branchline Laser-Art kit I really liked, which was also a substitute for a coal trestle—one of my very favorite modeling subjects. Incidentally, the real Crosby's Coal is located in Danby, Vermont, so it's already appropriately New-Englandish. The "Oil" part used to be part of the scene until I moved the business to the other end of the layout, and it got split off as Schmuck Heating Oil.

Also courtesy of the layout's expansion, Haber's acquired an office. For this I'd originally planned to use Branchline Laser-Art #891 Dan's Welding, which I'd used on the Greystone & Rock Bottom as a general store, but after two tries and a lot of modification, I still wasn't getting something satisfactory. So, I switched to JL Innovative Design #260 East Junction Section House, which I'd built for the Office on the Black River & Western.

Basically I used bits of the smaller portion of the building to make a bump-out for the weighbridge controls, then moved the entrance around the corner to the end of the building.

And Haber's weighbridge is appropriately sourced:

But then, on 22 June 2020, I decided I ought to be able to model what I wanted, and so the coal silo—as much as I liked that kit—went away, and the corner of the layout got chopped out to make room for a trestle. This had the added benefit of improving the view of Surkosky & Peck Lumber behind it. I'm not sure if I'll have room for the original office; I may need to scratchbuild something smaller.


I was a little sad giving up the Crosby kit, as it's an interesting-looking, region-appropriate building that's still standing.

As far as New Hampshire examples of coal trestles go, the only one I've been able to find so far is this monster in Franklin, which paralleled the Boston & Maine's Franklin Trestle. The BM trestle still exists as a park attraction, although the line is abandoned; the coal trestle is long gone.

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