3.16 Spano's Mobil Station

The Greystone & Rock Bottom had no gas station, but I thought it was an appropriate addition to the WR&N VIII to give it a somewhat developed feel in order to justify a railroad. I briefly considered bashing something along the lines of this marvelous example in New Hampshire—complete with miniscule post office and grafted onto the front of a house-turned-grocery store—but it would have been a space hog.

So, once again I turned to the kits I'd purchased for the aborted Black River & Western, and what was going to be D&D Auto Service, JL Innovative #310 McLeod Super Service, got rescued. I also named it for my longtime friend and modeling mentor, Rick Spano, and it's a Mobil station to honor my father, who worked for the company for 50 years.

It was at this point, just as the station neared completion—naturally, right?—the whole project took a 90-degree turn, thanks to this reference image taken in Nashua, NH, circa 1945-50:

That Esso station in the background was vaguely reminiscent of the Mobil station from the White River & Northern IV I'd started to rebuild. So I resurrected the project, which provided the WR&N VIII another animated effect.

After having gone to the trouble of installing the station, however, I expanded the layout, and the station got moved... three times! First I moved it to the right of the passenger station, but on 4 April 2020 I decided it was oddly located, so I moved it to the right of Haber Lumber. Then, when I moved Cody's Hardware Store on 20 April 2020, the gas station was shifted to the other side of Haber's.

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