3.14 Stephen A. Greene Brewery

The brewery began its life as N Scale Architect's Gruber Wagon Works, with chunks of Showcase Miniatures' O.H. Wright Company, RS LaserKits' Will's Farm Supply, and a few others tacked on, to represent a furniture company. This was before the Greystone & Rock Bottom became a quarry railroad, and the complex became the Greystone Granite and Monument Company stone cutting shed. Finally, for this layout it was recycled as a bottling plant that quickly became a brewery just for the heck of it (even though I don't drink beer).

A Branchline Laser-Arts machine shop was modified to become the business office. (I'd originally made it from a Republic Locomotive Works American Flag Manufacturer kit, but the results looked much too urban for a rural industry, so I used the leftover parts for the yard office.)

To adapt what was originally a wagon works-come-granite-cutting-shed as a brewery, I first reduced the absurd number of structural add-ons to just a few, and filled in several of the large access doors. (The building still has way too many windows, but I can live with that.)

After making one more structural modification—reducing the size of the far right addition (below)—I installed all of the windows and doors. Then I went to work on the roof, using Slater's Plastikard brick embossed sheet to simulate shingles.

Subsequent to all of this, I installed the turbine vents originally slated for a printing company that was removed owing to a recent structure shuffle. (This also required completely rebuilding the grade crossing gates mechanism hidden inside the brewery.) Once all of this was out of the way, I turned my attention to details: chimneys, other vents, a water tank, and a little exposed plumbing.


Meanwhile, I enlarged all 14 window openings, plus the door opening, of the office to accept Grandt Line castings, then gave it a Monster Modelworks stone foundation.


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