3.12 Enginehouse √

The enginehouse began as a straightforward build of a stock Branchline Laser-Art kit. However, as I went to work, I was immediately faced with issues. First, some of the kit parts were not cut correctly, and so they didn't fit right; fortunately, I had two kits on hand so I could make corrections. But after the structure was finally finished, I found it was too long for the space. I cut it shorter by running the assembled walls through a mini-table saw.

Other modifications included all-new trim, full detailing of the engine bay (courtesy of Model Tech Studios), and interior lighting.

Subsequently, I had to remove the machine shop from the side and cut the whole kit down, as it wouldn't fit on the layout otherwise (I ran the finished building through a mini-table saw). I also made new doors since the originals were absurdly thick—four layers of laser-cut material that wasn't even micro-ply to begin with. The new doors were scratchbuilt from individual boards. This work was completed on 28 March 2020.

The finishing touch was completing the inspection pit, which was installed directly in the layout as part of the track on 30 March 2020. But then, because all of that nice interior detailing was impossible to see, I changed the track plan and moved the enginehouse.

A quick spur-of-the-moment addition was a welding effect; but later, I decided to try animating the doors.

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