3.11 Fuel Oil √

The fuel oil tank is another highly modified Republic Locomotive Works Nn3 kit. (The product image is of their HO Scale kit.) The first thing I noticed was that the tank—a resin casting—was quite poor in quality compared to the excellent laser-cut wooden parts. The tank and pump house were also a bit large for the Greystone layout, so I used a tank swiped from a Blair Line kit, and chopped down the pump house and leg assembly.

On 27 March 2020, with the addition of the platform and ladder, the fuel oil facility was at last finished. However, the saga wasn't over...

Subsequently I found the Showcase Miniatures kit #546, Narrow Gauge Tank Stand. Since I'd always felt the Republic Locomotive Works kit was kind of bulky-looking—even pared down as it was—I replaced it with the Showcase Miniatures kit. I also replaced the somewhat crude RLW oil column with a much more finely-detailed Showcase Miniatures one, #504. All of the new goodies were finished on 13 June 2020.

Curiously the instructions do not show installation of the center truss, although their product image does. To round things out, I recycled the concrete footings I'd made for the RLW kit, as well as the etched brass ladder. I also kept the pump house from the RLW kit to pair with the new tank.

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