The Visual Language of New England Railroads

Whereas my first White River & Northern was a classic New England logging line, as exemplified by the image above, for the eighth and last iteration I moved the setting from mountain backwoods wilderness around the Turn of the Century to small fictional town nestled in vacation land during the 1950s, where the rich would frolic.

The railroads then were just as rugged and gritty as any of their big-city counterparts, but their setting imbued them with a kind of charming quaintness.

It is, as well, famously the land of covered bridges...

...and little hamlets with their saltbox houses, diminutive stations and ubiquitous, unmistakable "New England" churches.

Of course, there's spectacular scenery, too:

My goal is to capture the feeling of this very different (for me) setting—a challenge given I've got nine square feet in which to work. But I've never shied away from challenges.


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