WR&N IV Animation: Car Lift and Rotating Lighted Sign

A gas station car lift is probably a classic animation bit. It's especially effective when it's slow and sporadic, rather than quick and continuous. I spiced up the scene with a rotating lighted sign. Making the sign itself was the toughest part of the whole project—it took three tries. The gas station has full interior detailing; internal lighting helps draw the eye to the detail.

The mechanism is fairly simple: a low-RPM motor drives a large gear that has a cam shaped to produce the desired motion and timing; the car lift is raised by a lever that rides the cam with a roller. The lever also triggers a switch that turns on the shop lights over the car. The same motor rotates the sign through a belt drive (omitted from the image below for clarity).

The gas station now resides on Rick Spano's Sceniced and Undecided.


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