3.24 Foxx and Vollmer Attorneys

These lawyers have their office in a little home made from American Model Builders #609 Yard Office; the outside stairs lead to an apartment on the second floor. Note that the other side of the kit is much more house-like in appearance.

Work began around 15 March 2020. I enlarged the first story windows to make it easer to see the animated desk fan in one and a green banker's lamp in the other; I also enlarged the rest of the door and window openings a tad to accept Tichy castings. The only other mod I made was to move the stairs to the second floor around to the end of the building. I made a foundation from Monster Modelworks stone, and cobbled together a rudimentary interior.

On 5 October 2020 I moved the building a fraction of an inch. It was on an angle parallel to the street, but it was also up against the neighbor, Phil's Bayou Another. It was forced into this location by the frog polarity switch for a nearby turnout. After studying the issue for a few minutes, I realized it was trivial to move the switch out of the way, and indeed it took at most 15 minutes. I could then realign the building for improved appearance.

Reference Image

This law office is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Foxx and Vollmer will be a more modest establishment, but of the same ilk.

Named For...

...Railwire friends Dave Foxx (below left), who is a real attorney, and Dave Vollmer (below right). While Dr. Vollmer isn't an attorney, I thought the names sounded good together.

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