8.24 Nano Layout

After fully embracing the tourist train theme, I first added the kiddie train ride. Later, it occurred to me that I could also include the "World's Smallest Model Train," which will be on display inside the train ride station, behind an enlarged window. This is actually an N Scale layout modeled in Z Scale, a relic from the James River Branch. Now, since neither N nor Z existed in this layout's era, it became a "gimmick," just like the model layout itself: it's not a functioning train, but instead just blobs of plastic on a hidden motorized loop. Very meta.

When I first built it and released a video, I had 6-8 Japanese television stations contact me asking if they could interview me for their "human interest" television programs. I refused every one of them: I checked them out, and they were all "wacky people and the wacky things they do" of the week shows. I'm sorry, I know I'm a little nuts around the edges, but I'm not some "Ripley's Believe It or Not" freak for them to laugh at. There is, however, still a 2009 article on the Daily Mail about it. (Interesting that they copyrighted the selfie I sent them...)

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