8.21 Cooking Smoke

Ed's Dirty Dog has been a source of amusement online among a circle of Ed's friends. One of the running gags is that there should be smoke pouring from the kitchen, and that it should smell like burnt bacon. While I've not been able to find a way to add such a scent to the smoke, I did at least procure a smoke generator...

I installed the smoke generator in a hole drilled in the floor under in one corner of the building. And I drilled a hole near the roof for the smoke to exit.

However, upon testing the unit, I found that the smoke doesn't rise; it actually sinks. In fact, during the first test, the smoke all went out a hole in the floor. After I plugged the hole, the smoke went out the bottom of the ordering window—which wasn't so bad. So, I left the glazing out of the window and called it a day. Hey, it's just a joke!

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