3.33 Abandoned Stone Arch Road Bridge √

I'd built this elaborate, detail-rich abandoned bridge for the White River & Northern IV from old Chooch tunnel portals and retaining walls, based loosely on one I'd seen in eastern Pennsylvania. It was one of the few things from the WR&N IV layout that I'd kept, and when I came across it during a scavenger hunt for ideas, it became the centerpiece of a whole new scene. The White River on the layout bifurcates just before this bridge and rejoins after the steel trestle.

Installation of the stone arch bridge began on 31 August 2020 with " Foamcore applied to the riverbed (above). I used paper templates to determine where to cut openings for the abutment. Next, I wire-brushed off all of the old ground foam vegetation so I could re-paint it as a granite block structure. After masking off the road surface, I sprayed it with grey primer, then applied a liberal India ink wash before adding new ground foam and static grass tuft vegetation (which constitutes the first greenery on the layout).

On 10 November 2020 I began building up the landforms around the ends of the this bridge and the open deck pony truss using layers of half-inch Foamcore (above and below) in preparation to install it permanently.

Reference Images

By sheer coincidence, there's an abandoned stone arch bridge in Stoddard, New Hampshire, that's remarkably similar to what I'd modeled roughly two decades earlier.

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