3.14 Stephen A. Greene Brewery √

The brewery began its life as N Scale Architect's Gruber Wagon Works, with chunks of Showcase Miniatures' O.H. Wright Company, RS LaserKits' Will's Farm Supply, and a few others tacked on, to represent a furniture company. This was before the Greystone & Rock Bottom became a quarry railroad, and the complex became the Greystone Granite and Monument Company stone cutting shed. Then, it was recycled for this layout as a bottling plant that quickly became a brewery, just for the heck of it (even though I don't drink beer).

A Branchline Laser-Arts machine shop was modified to become the business office. (I'd originally made it from a Republic Locomotive Works American Flag Manufacturer kit, but the results looked much too urban for a rural industry, so I used the leftover parts for the yard office.)

To adapt what was originally a wagon works-come-granite-cutting-shed as a brewery, I first reduced the absurd number of structural add-ons to just a few, and filled in several of the large access doors.

After making one more structural modification—reducing the size of the far right addition (below)—I installed all of the windows and doors. Then I went to work on the roof, using Slater's Plastikard brick embossed sheet to simulate shingles.

Subsequent to all of this, I installed the turbine vents originally slated for a printing company that was removed owing to a structure shuffle. This also required completely rebuilding the grade crossing gate mechanism hidden inside to make room for the vents mechanism. Once all of that was out of the way, I added the final details: chimneys, more vents, a bit of exposed plumbing—inspired by a reference image—and lights over the doors. I declared the building (which I'd begun February 2017 to suit a wholly different purpose) finished on 1 October 2020.

Meanwhile, I enlarged all 14 window openings, plus the door opening, of the office to accept Grandt Line castings, then gave it a Monster Modelworks stone foundation.

After installing a light over the door, I glazed the windows, added a brick embossed sheet roof, and declared it done the same day as the main building.

Reference Images

Named For...

...my adopted grandfather. See A Brief Fake History for more information.

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