The Forgotten Billboard

The billboard structure was a commercial kit; what made it special was the advertising. I researched billboard advertising from the era of the layout, then subtracted a decade or so to reinforce the amount of neglect involved.



The GCLaser kit was embellished with lattice from StoneBridge Designs, carefully assembled to reflect aging.

After I found a suitable ad for the underlying image, I digitally faded and aged it, then printed it on heavy paper and attached it to the assembled billboard.

I did the same for the newer ad, but I printed it on white decal paper.

I then sliced the decal into strips, and applied them one at a time over the existing billboard. I tore the tops off some strips, and let some droop over (which I secured with super glue) so that both ads were vaguely recognizable. The finishing touch was to bury the billboard in the trees and shrubs.

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