Cantilever Crossing Signal

This scratchbuilt crossing signal was one of the first detail items I completed for the layout. It's fully functional and as accurate as I could possibly make it.



First I made the hoods by carefully shaping the end of thin-walled brass tubing.

I mounted the hoods on targets I swiped from a train signal kit.

Next, I fabricated the signal heads and mounting assemblies from thin slices of styrene tubing and bits of brass wire.

After assembling and painting the signal heads, I tested the LEDs.

Meanwhile, I made the mast and arm from brass wire and tubing, plus a few etched brass details—the catwalk was from an N Scale diesel grille. The mast was mounted to a miniature plug so that the signal could be removed from the layout.

After attaching the signal heads, I painted the mast and added the crossbucks, which I'd printed on self-adhesive paper applied to aluminum foil. I'd also made another signal just like this in T Scale (1:450), less than half the size.

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