Type G Double-Headed Signal

This scratchbuilt signal was one of the most challenging models I've ever built. It's fully functional and as accurate as I could possibly make it.



The first things I tackled were the targets and the signal heads. Targets were punched from sheet brass with a paper punch, and the signal heads were made from sheet styrene. They were clamped together and drilled; then the heads were re-drilled.

I then attached SMD LEDs to the signal heads.

I cut the arms from solid brass and soldered them to thin-walled tubing.

I made hoods by carefully shaping the end of thin-walled tubing.

After assembling and painting the signal heads, I tested the LEDs.

The ladder came from a commercial kit. The finished signal was installed on the layout along with a relay cabinet. Regrettably, the signal was demolished in the shipping accident.

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