There were twenty structures on the layout, the majority of which were either brass or laser-cut wood kits that were bashed to varying degrees, from gently modified to virtually scratchbuilt. Some were finished in a week or two, while others were built and rebuilt multiple times over the course of years.

Several structures were photographed at the request of the kit manufacturer for use on their website, although the images were never published. I'd planned to likewise document all of the structures, but the layout was severely damaged during shipment back from the 2012 National Z Scale Convention, before I could do so. Also, some of the structures had been completed just prior to the convention, and so they were never photographed in their finished form. I've since donated all of the salvageable structures to a friend.


Abandoned Factory

Dot's Diner

Emma's Cafe

Front Street Bank

Heritage Crossing Apartments


Landsend Farmhouse

Naughtright Passenger Station

Naughtright Volunteer Fire Company

Rexall Pharmacy

Stephen A. Greene Building Supplies


Dick's Auto Salvage

East Theater

Franklin Five & Dime

Gilmor Hotel

Jim's Trains/Don & Stan's
Barber Shop

Landsend Barn

Naughtright Public Library

O'Malley's Corner Bar

Spano's Service Station

Weller Fuel Oil


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