Front Street Bank

The Front Street Bank came about after a false start and a freaky coincidence. I'd started work on Miller Engineering's Logan Savings and Loan kit, but didn't like the results, so I abandoned the project. Then I found some Scale Link etched brass N Scale windows that just happened to fit the openings in Miller Engineering's Mid State Bank kit.



Amazingly, the Scale Link arch-top windows were a perfect fit. Had I not discovered this, the bank project might not have happened.

The revived bank project required parts from four Mid State Bank kits. This was down from six Savings and Loan kits I'd wasted on the first effort (and it was quite the effort to obtain those kits, as they'd been discontinued some years before; I obtained the kits from all over the world).

I made a foundation out of scraps from the aborted Savings and Loan project, then added a styrene cornice and trim.

I added a number of details to the roof, including a skylight, chimney, water tank, vents and roof access.

The finishing touch was a blinking red light on the top of the water tower. Granted, it wasn't tall enough to warrant it; this was, how shall we say, artistic license.

By pure chance, while looking for something else, I came across this building after I'd nearly finished the model. And just to pile on the coincidences, its address was One Front Street. Cue the Twilight Zone theme... Photo courtesy of M.K. Metz.

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