Franklin Five and Dime

This was the single most rebuilt structure on the layout—it took five tries to get it right. The reasons for rebuilding varied: some were abandoned for cosmetic faults; some because they didn't look good; and some because of changes I'd made to the arrangement of buildings. The final version followed a bend in the street, and it was a challenge to get the structure to follow the geometry. All of the versions made use of Miller Engineering's K.C.'s Hardware kit.



I traced the outline of the building on a piece of cardstock I'd placed beside the street where the building would go.

The wall parts were then carefully cut and assembled to precisely match the outline.

As I had with all of these kits, I added new wall caps to beef up the thin brass, and made a new cornice from styrene.

The building was test-fit in place on the layout to make sure I got it right this time. New styrene window sills gave the surface a little more relief.

The classic mustard yellow brick was created with Tamiya Dark Yellow, TS-3.

It wasn't a pleasing color scheme to my eye, but it was typical for the day. I modeled the store as having been recently closed down, with debris lying around inside.

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