Weller Fuel Oil

Inspiration for Weller Fuel Oil was drawn from Queen City Fuel Oil Company in northern New Jersey, which I'd found through a map search. My model was named after the man who had hired me for my last job; it was not a play on words (i.e., oil well).



Google Street View provided plenty of reference images. I liked the business so much that my model of the office matched the real one quite closely, right down to the style of the signs.

The walls of the office were scavenged from leftover brass parts, mostly from Miller Engineering's Logan Savings Bank kit.

Oil tanks came from Baz Models' A.J. Slick Fuel kit.

I used the "salt technique" to create the effect of peeling paint. After priming the walls, I moistened them with water, then sprinkled on coarse-ground sea salt. When it was dry, I sprayed on the finish coat, then gently brushed away the dried salt.

The little windows to the sides of the front door had interior detailing.

Oil tank stands, spill enclosure, driveway and office foundation were all constructed from styrene and assembled into a single unit.

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